Frequently Asked Questions about Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

How many members are there in the India Chapter?
The India Chapter is one of the larger chapters in Asia. Currently, we have more than 300 members.

What is the membership mix (End User to Service Provider) within the India Chapter?
The India Chapter maintains a fairly balanced membership. We have approximately 45% End Users and 49% Service Providers.

Does my membership belong to me or to my company?
CoreNet Global memberships are assigned to individuals, not to a company. If you change jobs, your membership moves with you.

Can I transfer my membership to another person?
No. Memberships are not transferrable as they are assigned to individuals, not to a company.

When will my membership expire?
CoreNet Global memberships are based upon a calendar year and expire December 31.

I have moved jobs. How do I update my profile?
Please be sure to update your profile in My CoreNet Global to ensure you continue to get communications from CoreNet Global.

Why do I get so many emails from CoreNet Global?
Email is the most effective method of communicating with our chapter members. You do have the option of not receiving notifications and can choose to “opt out”. However, this choice will stop all notifications from both Global and the Chapter, which is how meeting and event notices are typically distributed.

Why am I not receiving email announcements as a member of the India Chapter?
Please contact Binita Jain to confirm:
  • You are receiving CoreNet Global emails
  • You are a current member of the India Chapter
  • Have the correct contact information inputted
  • You are not on an unsubscribe list
Once this information is updated, our chapter webmaster will email Chapter announcements to the current list submitted by CoreNet Global.
Note: Check your spam filter/folder from your email.