MCR India Group Program

Master of Corporate Real Estate (MCR) India Group Program

The MCR professional designation program provides CRE professionals with the training they need to succeed in their careers. It addresses effective management of CRE functions from a strategic perspective by focusing on the CRE organization’s mission in relation to corporate goals.

Participation in the program provides you not only with valuable and respected learning for the CRE Profession but also the opportunity to grow your network and make professional connections that will continue for many years. Time and again, we are told about the great friendships that are forged through the learning journey.

The MCR India Group Program was launched in September 2017 and is consistently one of our most sought-after initiatives, resulting in a waitlist for the next schedule of seminars commencing in March 2022. The program has special pricing for participants in India. The fee for the MCR program is dependent on your member status with CoreNet Global.

Who is it for?

The MCR program is valuable for mid-management CRE professionals and those aspiring to that level, including end users, service providers, and developers.

What are the benefits?

While participating in the MCR Seminars, you will learn how to:

  • Demonstrate your expertise in performing financial analysis, developing sound business cases, identifying risks in the portfolio, and recommending risk mitigation strategies.
  • Develop real estate strategies that effectively support the goals of the business units.
  • Analyze the impacts of real estate decisions on your organization's financial statements as well as participate in the discussion of how these impacts are viewed by the CFO and senior management.
  • Effectively assess and manage the overall real estate portfolio, not just the specific assets.
  • Complete a business case including the creation of vision, charter strategy, scope of products and services, delivery, and resource sourcing with other CRE professionals.

How does it work?

Delivered by top-rated faculty who are leading experts in their fields, seminars use an interactive, team-based approach to solve problems, analyze case studies and share experiences. Group members participate in all seminars together, building strong relationships for career enhancement.

This program is delivered virtually over a period of 14 months and leads to the attainment of the MCR designation.

All seminars (with the exception of the Capstone seminar) are delivered over 3 sessions of 4.5 hours' duration each. The timing is generally 2:00 to 6.30pm IST, and any change to that will be notified to participants.

Each seminar has an online assessment element, and the 5 seminars prior to the Capstone seminar are multiple choice assessment. The Capstone seminar, which is the culmination of previous learning, uses a case study approach, and you are assessed in your response to the case study. You will be pulling together the knowledge gained from all seminars and specifically the learning covered in the 4-day Capstone seminar.

MCR candidates are awarded the MCR designation on completion of 100+ hours of study (including three required seminars) and receiving passing grades. Seminars are limited in size to ensure personalized instruction and the benefits of group participation.

For more information on the program, key dates, and how to register, visit the CoreNet Global MCR page.