India Chapter Organizational Chart

April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019 

Past Chair

Shamsher Singh Sindhu
Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited

 Roles & Responsibilities
  • Provides continuity to the new India Board
  • Provides advice to new leaders


Ram Chandnani

Venu Kota

Roles & Responsibilities :
  • Ensures the Chapter operates in alignment with CoreNet Global By Laws, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and its strategy and priorities
  • Serves as the principal spokesperson for the Chapter with all matters as they relate to the Global organization and the general public
  • Develops an operating plan for the Chapter that supports the Global strategy and priorities and enhances CoreNet Global’s brand and profile in India
  • Ensures the Chapter is operating at its optimum level
  • Recruits and develops a leadership team (officers) who are CoreNet Global members and have the required expertise to fulfill the roles and responsibilities. Provides Leadership for that team and puts in place a succession plan for all positions
  • Attends all Chapter Committee meetings and programs / events
  • Serves as the primary face of the chapter at local Chapter events
  • Provides leadership and support for both Officers and staff in achieving membership growth


Chair Elect

Arunabh%20Mukherjee.jpgArunabh Mukherjee
Synopsys India Private Limited

Sathish Rajendren
Knight Frank India Pvt. Ltd.

 Roles & Responsibilities :
  • Supports Chair in day to day operations of the Chapter
  • Assists in the development of the Chapter’s operating plan
  • Supports the chair with the recruitment of officers who are CoreNet Global members and have the required expertise to fulfill the roles and responsibilities and the succession plan
  • Represents the Chair at all meetings he/she is unable to attend
  • Leads the Chapter and officers to achieve membership growth
  • Looks after the timely execution of the Chapter's Annual Compliance


Ramesh Nair

Roles & Responsibilities :
  • Develops and Manages Chapter budget, under guidance of Chair & Staff
  • Presents a financial statement at Chapter and Board meetings and at other times when requested by the Board or other chapter officers
  • Is the point person to receive financial status Chapter updates from CoreNet Global and also revenues associated with Member / Chapter Dues Sharing
  • Develops a sponsorship plan for the region/events to solicit support from the industry 


Membership Directors

Sathish Nandgopal


Kenneth Paul Papabathini
BMC Software


Jitendra Makwana
M. Moser

Roles & Responsibilities :

  • Develops a chapter prospect list
  • Identifies and recruits potential members in the region
  • Promotes advantages of membership at regional events
  • Gets Chapter to support and execute regional recruitment initiatives
  • Collaborates with Global staff on Chapter membership retention initiatives
  • Liaison with CoreNet Global regional and head office staff to ensure alignment
  • Develops and oversees the execution of a regional new member engagement programme

Marketing and PR Directors

 Ambar Mitra

Joe Verghese
Colliers International

 Roles & Responsibilities :

  • Identifies the marketing and communications needs for the India Chapter
  • Develops and executes a marketing & communications plan with the objective of increasing brand awareness, updating members on member benefits and forthcoming programs and services globally (as they relate to India), regionally and locally. Any marketing should be consistent with Global brand standards.  Specifics include:
    1. Email Invite copy
    2. Newsletter copy – electronic
    3. Website notices and updates
    4. Input into Chapter PR Initiatives
  • Identify opportunities for growth and brand awareness through external parties such as industry associations, universities and government agencies


Young Leader Officer

Harshavardhan S.
Uber India Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Roles & Responsibilities :
  • Identifies potential young leader members
  • Develops programs / sessions geared towards young leaders
  • Assist in promoting and executing such events

Program and Learning Directors

Sanjeet Narain
Narains Corp - India

Sanjeev Sethi
Adobe Sytems India Private Limited

Uma Vinay Kumar

 Roles & Responsibilities :
  • Develops and defines annually, a networking and learning programme for the Chapter that provides regular opportunities for members to meet, learn and network. Topics should cover the broad CRE spectrum (min 2 chapter events each in Bangalore, Mumbai and NCR)
  • Participates in monthly meetings with the events committee members
  • Manages and oversees the regional Events Committee to ensure a timely execution of the regional networking and learning program for the Chapter
  • Assists in the regional promotion of CoreNet Global's MCR Seminar, Discovery Forum, Summit and any other programmes, CoreNet Global might hold in the region

Events Committee

Abi Roni Mattom
M. Moser
Bhavin Thakker
Savills India
Pallavi Shrivastava
Cushman & Wakefield

Roles & Responsibilities :

  • Events Committee is responsible for planning, organizing and executing Chapter Events. Tasks include creating an annual calendar of events, identifying topics, recruiting sponsors and speakers and marketing the event. The term is one year on the committee followed by two years on the board. 

University Relations Team

Prasad HR
WPR Global Delivery, India

Ranjit Bakshi
Workplace Interiors Pvt. Ltd.

Roles & Responsibilities :

  • Identifying, establishing and strengthening relationships with universities in India
  • Raising the awareness about Student membership, identifying ways of engagement through scholarships or internships
  • Promoting the Academic Challenge with Universities and students
  • Set up plan to deliver guest lectures at Universities and introduce Academic speakers at Chapter Events